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Do you know all the recruitment consultancies and boutiques in your region? Our team is building up a selection of the most relevant organisations in Switzerland.

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You have a feeling that you always see the same vacancies?

This feeling is very common. Because it is based on real trend. The same job description can be posted on different job boards at the same time. Here are 3 reasons why the situation can be considered as “normal”.

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Be ready to be searching at some point

You have been working in the same business environment for several years? Your dream job just popped-up? or you have the feeling that it is time to say goodie to your employer? As soon as you have the wish to change, you will be confronted with this huge task list: application package, career goals, job search strategy…

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How to drive an active job search in Switzerland?

You already identified your strengths and cleared your aspirations? Now, it is time to start over active job search in Switzerland. Depending on the level of transparency and the intensity of the search, you will be using the following tools.

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