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Want to know more about us? For qualified job seekers, job search can quickly turn to rocket science. With Jobsearchstars.ch, let us create more transparency for Swiss-based candidates, together.

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All you need to know about us

The purpose of this website is simple: providing job seekers in Switzerland with practical information about each step of the recruitment process, as well as related tools, material or suppliers.

Created in 2019, the website is growing step by step. Content is inserted on a regular basis in English, depending on the amount of contributions received from candidates and recruitment experts. Jobsearchstars.ch is not a marketing platform.

The page is developed in the spirit of a blog, gathering content based on experience and insights from its community. Here is a good example about LinkedIn with Stéphane.

Target group

All job seekers in Switzerland can benefit from this content, even if they are not actively looking for a new challenge.

In terms of contribution, candidates and recruitment experts based in Switzerland are definitely welcome. However mostly coming from Switzerland or already based in Switzerland. Because we want to share local content with a local touch. This is the only way to provide you with targeted and realistic content.

Service providers

A section dedicated to services providers will be developed soon. All the major companies, agencies or freelancers should be mentioned there. The ones who contributed will also be highlighted. This listing is free of charge.

Testimonials about us

“C’est du super boulot avec les informations relevantes et la sobriété efficace de ton site. Merci beaucoup de cette collaboration; je trouve cela vraiment top.”

Contact us

Do not hesitate to share your job search experience or advice together with our community by getting in touch with us. Just drop us a line via the following form and we will come back to you shortly with appropriate feedback.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

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