Active job search in Switzerland

You already identified your strenghts and cleared your aspirations? You created a list of preferred employers in Switzerland? Now, it is time to start youractive job search in Switzerland. Depending on the level of transparency and the intensity of the search, you will be using the following tools.

Job application via job portals

– Career sections of employers – You already created your short-list of preferred employers? Have a quick look at their website. You should find there a career section with the latest job offers (or possibility to send spontaneous applications). Considering that a job publication for these companies is “for free”, you should find almost all their job openings.

– Career sections of recruitment agencies and boutiques – These consultancies definitely have a job portal including all the vacancies they manage. Therefore, if they work by chance for one of your preferred employer, you may find twice the same job description.

– Job boards – If you would like to come accross a wide range of new job postings in Switzerland, please browse the most famous job boards such as,, or These job boards give bigger visibility to direct employers’ job ads because of their “top of mind” brand awareness and their ability to attract actively looking candidates.

– Job board section of LinkedIn, Xing or Viadeo – Over the last years, business social media networks developed career portals on top of their normal networking platform. The job board of LinkedIn, because of an aggressive pricing strategy, became an important player in the job advertisement industry.

– Google for Jobs and metasearch engines – Have you ever tried to search for a job by typing your keywords in the Google search bar? If so, you already know that the first page is full of job boards – such as Indeed, Careerjet, Neuvoo or Jobrapido – that redirect you to other sites. These platforms are interesting because they crawl the latest job offers in Switzerland several times a day. For instance, they gather jobs posted by direct employers or by job boards.

– Subscribe to job alerts on these sites – Do not hesitate to leave these websites, especially metasearch engines, send you the latest jobs per email. If you define the right alert with the right keywords, these job alerts are very powerful. You can customize them and receive alerts once a day, week or month. And you can unsubscribe anytime.

Posting a piece of news on business social media platforms

Are you ready to share with the world your situation? If you don’t risk anything by advertising your job search, creating a piece of news about your job search on social media channels. For instance, why not on LinkedIn? However, the timing and the method are crucial. You have to spread a positive message and you won’t be able to re-post this update on a regular basis. It is pretty much a “one-shot” communication opportunity.

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Connecting with recruitment agencies and boutiques

Recruitment specialists help you connect with employers in your field and your region. In addition, they have access to “hidden” jobs (will not be published or published later). Why not partnering with 2 or 3 recruitment experts and let them contact you when necessary?

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