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In Switzerland the application process starts with the right connection with the right candidate. Employers have only a limited amount of options when looking for candidates with the right skills. The challenge for candidates? Focus on highlighting their skills with the right fact and keywords. Further steps will be much easier to complete as far as main requirements for the vacancy are fulfilled.

To better your odds at finding your next career step, activate the following job search tools.

These application tools are more than complementary; they are inseparable from one another.

You haven’t been searching for a new challenge since 2010?
Job search habits strongly changed. Here are few examples.

Easier access to online job offers

With the raise of metasearch engines (“job crawlers”) and Google For Jobs, almost all online vacancies can be found online in few clicks. Therefore you don’t need to browse the job board sections of employers or agencies one by one.

A LinkedIn profile is absolutely essential

In 2009, only few recruitment pioneers were talking about Linkedin. In other words, the amount of professionals and recruiters ocer there was really limited. Now LinkedIn is considered – and used – as a business card. Thanks to this professional social media network, you can be found by your peers or recruiters. If you are an experienced specialist or manager. This is the place to be.

Support of Youtube videos

Job search is a process that requires time, resources, market knowledge and hard skills. The last topic – hard skills – can be compensated and approached with the assistance of Youtube videos. Lately, job search coaches started to share their tips and tricks with a video format.

Messenging instead of calling

WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Skype… All these applications made the communcation between professionals and candidates much easier and smoother. For example, no need to write again and again email messages after a missed call. You just need to whatsapp your counterpart and see if they read the message. This has one main consequence: be careful with the content you post on your messenger profiles: avatar, profile information, status update, stories.

Online assessments and video interviews

You have been invited to start a recruitment process with a company without any introduction call or meeting? It starts to be very common. Your application has certainly been pre-screened and validated by an algorithm. Therefore, in order to save time and resources during the candidate selection, such step with online tools can be introduced. Why? Because the cost of this cloud based solutions is now really affordable (between chf 50,- and chf 100,- per test or video interview).

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