Candidate-driven market

“The market is dry… I don’t receive any application for my vacancy”. It is very common to hear this statement when working in the Swiss recruitment industry. In many cases the successful closure of a recruitment process depends on the supply of relevant candidate profiles. Let us give you more details about the phenomenon of “candidate-driven market”?

Features of a candidate-driven market

It happens when the candidate offering for a job offer is not sufficient. What does it mean concretely? For instance, if a recruiter wants to hire a technical profile – such as an IT administrator and or a nurse – he will get only one or two relevant applications on his classic job posting. After a first call with these candidates (aspirations, mobility, salary expectations), it may happen that the recruiter can’t attract any active job seeker matching with job requirements.

Now, in Switzerland, the candidate market of qualified professionals is very limited. The skill shortage in many job categories can be seen and won’t be compensated shortly.

5 mistakes that employers still do

Many of the companies in Switzerland do not consider the candidate-driven market as a reason to change their candidate sourcing and recruitment processes.

  • Recruiters post their job description and hope that someone will apply.
  • If candidates are interested in the job description, they sometimes must go through a very long online application process with login systems, forms and questions.
  • Employers request a first application step with the whole application package. However relevant candidates are working and may even not have a CV at all.
  • Candidate not matching exactly with the required skills are automatically excluded by the recruitment system thanks to automatic filters or questions. Equivalent skills are not considered.
  • Recruiters wait several until they screen the applications received and invite candidates for an interview. However it is crucial to strike while the iron is hot.

Measures to compensate this situation

The biggest challenge in a candidate-driven market: attract professionals who are already working and are open to “more competitive” assignments. In order to address these job seekers, companies pursue many initiatives to achieve their recruitment targets:

  • Posting the same vacancy on several job boards and putting in place innovative digital campaigns/li>
  • Putting in place employee referral programs with attractive financial rewards for every successful connection with a candidate/li>
  • Creating easier and shorter application processes. For instance, by giving direct contacts of the recruiter or allowing job seekers to apply with their LinkedIn profile/li>
  • Organizing massive employer branding campaigns, also via Social Media

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