When I check the latest jobs published online, I have a feeling that I always see the same vacancies

This feeling is very common. Because it is based on real trend. The same job description can be posted on different job boards at the same time. Here are 3 reasons why the situation can be considered as “normal”.

Need to increase the reach of each job advertisement

If direct employers and recruitment consultancies choose to only search by publishing their job ad on one job board the reach will be too limited, especially for vacancies requiring technical skills. One of the first action to increase the visibility of vacancies? Publish the job description on 4 or 5 websites (ex: jobs.ch, jobup.ch, 100000jobs.ch or monster.ch).

Job boards generate traffic by publishing vacancies on partner sites

A good dozen of job platform operate in Switzerland at a national level. They advertise all kind of jobs. In order to increase the amount of applications per job, these platforms need to attract new candidates every day. Therefore job platforms spread their own job postings over further platforms: more local or more specialised. That’s also why you pay experience the following case: you click on the “Apply” button and you are redirected to another job board.

Recruitment consultants do not always take the time to adapt the original job description

If you come accross a vacancy from a direct employers and then the exact same job description from a recruitment agency, don’t be surprised. When recruitment consultants start their search on behalf of their client, they also publish jobs online. Sometimes, the final employer absolutely wants to see their job description online, word for word. But you will also meet recruitment consultants whi don’t want to invest time in adapting and/or improving job advertisements.

By the way, one job search tip

You found a job description that doesn’t show the employers’ name? Just paste in the Google search bar two or three sentences from the job advertisement found online – between quotation marks – on a job section or a career section from a third party (job board, metasearch engine or recruitment agency). Of course, you will discover the list of all platforms having published the job advertisement. And, if you are lucky, you will find the original advert from the employer.

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