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Report of an interview with Stéphane Canarelli [October 2019]

Stéphane lives in the canton of Vaud and has over 20 years' experience for renowned institutions. At the moment, he is in the middle of his job search and wants to share his aspirations in person with his network. Why not doing a video CV and sharing it via LinkedIn?

Why did you create this video?

My CV is pretty solid. I have extensive experience in Switzerland with leading organizations such as the EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) or Waters Corporation. However, as with all other applications, my CV may raise few questions. I wanted to find a way to share a positive image of myself and answer these questions before they are asked.

Taking into consideration that I wanted to address my network proactively, I was on the look-out for the most appropriate channel. Almost all my business contacts have a LinkedIn profile and check it on a regular basis.

Have a look at my CV

Have a look at my LinkedIn profile

How did you produce this video?

Everything started with the creation of the content, based on a pitch about my career. I already had a draft of this pitch thanks to another project and the update took me about 1.5 hour. Then I installed my material for the video - just a MacBook and a webcam. The first technical tests were completed after few minutes.

I recorded this video on my own by doing a one-shot scene. I had to carry out about 10 scenes until I was satisfied with the result. Because I had to be well in the good posture, especially with my chest and shoulders. The last step? Add English subtitles to my video in order to address a bigger audience. It was in fact the hardest part of the job. However, I would consider it as a nice-to-have.

The whole process took me about one day of work over a week.

Would you recommend this experience to other candidates?

Yes, definitely. Because it generated not only visibility on LinkedIn . I could also use this experience for 3 other purposes:

  • I use this video as a business card: I add a link to the video in all my communications related to my job search (CV, emails, social media). I expect a positive impact when my application is screened.
  • It is a great opportunity to get in touch again with existing contacts: I haven't met all of them in person. And the ones I know, this video could answer pending questions.
  • I could improve the pitch about my career and rehearse: the video is a pure reflection of my performance. I could put myself in the shoes of a recruiter and find out what could be improved.

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