Preparation phase

A job search must be driven professionally, as a project.
It means that the successful search requires the creation of a full project plan, to be completed step by step.

Have you already answered the most important questions? What, When, Where, Why, How. You need to have a roadmap with project milestones, clear resources and - of course - support from your close environment.

Are you ready to start your job search?

It is not worth starting a structured and serious job search when you are not prepared. As soon as you are contacted by potential recruiters, you will have to be ready to go through the full recruitment process.

This is your preparation check list: each item listed below defines a part of the preparation phase.

How to choose your job coach

If you want to be supported with targeted advice and solutions, you need to identify job coaches with relevant track record and experience in your sphere. It is impossible for a single person to be aware of all the tools, suppliers and networks for all job search cases.

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