Be ready to be searching at some point

You have been working in the same business environment for several years? Your dream job just popped-up? or you have the feeling that it is time to say goodie to your employer? As soon as you have the wish to change, you will be confronted with this huge task list: application package, career goals, job search strategy... And this may refrain you from really starting your search. Anticipate this situation and be ready to start your search.

When you gotta search, you gotta search!

Is your progression recognised? Are your efforts duly rewarded? These questions very often show up on your return from holiday or after a tough management review. Then it is time to step back for a second and rethink your professional development.

If the conclusion turns to be “right, my job search starts here”, your focus for the near future is clear: find a job. You may be swept along by a momentous impulse of applying for jobs. Don’t waste your time creating or updating your application package to its highest extent. Just take advantage of this impulse, think about the next steps and focus on the search.

Recruiters expect their candidates to be prepared for the search

When a dream job appears on the labor market, the race starts for recruiters immediately. This is the case in particular for vacancies published online. Recruiters want to identify the right candidates as soon as possible and forward their application packages within the shortest possible period of time.

They may favor candidates with the best chances to go through their clients’ selection process, with a solid application package.

To search or not to search?
Get an objective answer from a third-party

The most appropriate approach about your professional situation and your potential job search? Get the assistance of someone you can trust, who knows your industry, who has a bigger picture of your business environment. Why not a former colleague or manager?

The other option is to connect and keep in touch with one or two recruitment consultants throughout your entire career. They connect with potential employers and actively looking candidates on a daily basis. These recruitment professionals have to deal with complex job search situation several times a month. They learn from each case and have a clearer idea about general dynamic on the labor market.

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