Recruitment process

Employers and recruiters set up multi-step recruitment processes with the goal of identifying people with the right mix of skills, experience, and future potential. In general, this involves an assessment of the application, as well as on-site interviews, presentations, tests and panel discussions.
Going through this process is a winding road with well established principles.

Assessment tools during the recruitment process

Measures to prevent the selection of the wrong candidate are time-consuming and costly. However, recruiting the wrong candidate generates higher costs: induction, training phase, mentoring or psychological impact on existing teams. You may think that assessment tools in recruitment will delay the placement. Just remember: the recruitment of new staff is an important investment on both employee and candidate side.

And employers take their time. They try to minimize the risks of hiring the wrong candidate by introducing assessment tools in recruitment, even for low-qualified profiles. As soon as you are approached by a company, you may have to complete one of the following steps.

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In the German part, candidates are in a position to negotiate

“The market is dry… I don’t receive any application for my vacancy”. It is very common to hear this statement when working in the Swiss recruitment industry. In many cases the successful closure of a recruitment process depends on the supply of relevant candidate profiles. Let us give you more details about the phenomenon of “candidate-driven market”?

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